My Conference Wishlist 2010


sofa at reboot11 A scene from reboot11. I never really met the concentrated-looking person on this super-comfy sofa, but I have fond memories of the conference. (Which felt rather like a festival anyway.)

Over the last few years I attended a whole lot of conferences. Which was great fun (I mean it!), but one of my resolutions for 2010 is: go only to good conferences. do go to the good conferences. and as a reminder to myself, and also as a wishlist, here’s the events I’d like to attend this year (in kind-of-chronological order):

  • Social Media Week Berlin (1-5 Feb). It’s a great topic, and a bunch of friends and colleagues are organizing the Berlin part of the global Social Media Week, so it’s bound to be cool.
  • Republica 2010 (14-16 April). It rocks, it’s in Berlin, and I just like it. One of the best ways to meet all the social media folks and bloggers in one spot.
  • SXSW (12-16 March), at last. I’ve wanted to go for a while now, but it never worked out. Until now, so: yeeeah!
  • reboot12 (June-ish). I’m hearing it’s not happening this year. Just like most of the last 11 years. It was a blast last year, and no one should miss it. I’ll certainly try not to.
  • Picnic (22-24 Sept). A big “definitively love to” on this one. Haven’t been, but wouldn’t hesitate a sec. Only it’s still a long time away, so who knows.
  • Barcamps. Not sure which ones, but I certainly hope I can attend a few. Best place to discuss web things peer to peer over coffee or drinks, and to meet the nicest folks ever. Both aspects seem to be wired into the format.
  • atoms&bits, if there is a round two, since I co-organized the first one and had a great time doing that, so how could I miss the second installment?

The list is slightly longer than I hoped it would be. Then again, it’s a good sign there’s many things to be excited about, no?

I’m sure I missed some good ones, so I’m curious – what’s your conference wish list 2010?

Social Media Trends 2010: ROI, what else?


ReadWriteWeb (RWW) titled “Experts Predict 2010 the Year for Social Media ROI“.

My gut reaction, as shared on Twitter?

We definitively need more solid figures, but you can’t measure it all. It’s about culture change in companies. #socialmedia #ROI

RWW was referring to this presentation by Dr. Taly Weiss, editor of the TrendsSpotting blog:

So besides my initial thoughts (more solid measurement of ROI, while making sure not to lose sight of the culture change aspect), there’s a lot more in this nicely compiled presentation of smart tweets. Just a few to spark your imagination: Your company will have a social media policy (@armano). A new cadre of bonafide thought leaders emerges, with almost 100% turnover from five years ago (@peterkim). By the end of the year we’ll have a new interface for status updates that looks nothing like a microblog (@johnbattelle). Real-time reviews will scare the pants off many a brand & foster a new ‘radical-beta’ mindset. “Tracking & alerting” become the new searching. Business finally admit that social media ain’t some fad for kids and B-list movie stars (all three by @mzkagan).

That’s just a few I found particularly convincing. I recommend you dig into the slides for a bit. There’s some good, juicy stuff in there.