Shout outs: Upcoming Events

Just a few brief shout outs:

Likemind Berlin

Likemind Berlin: This coming Friday, Thomas and I will be hosting Likemind Berlin. This has been growing into a bit of a tradition and it’s always been a fun and interesting way to meet folks. Kickoff, as always, is 9am at St Oberholz, coffee is sponsored by Photocase (Thanks!) until it runs out (usually around 11am).

atoms&bits festival

atoms&bits: atoms&bits Festival and Camp are coming together. Plenty of news there. Some in my earlier blog post, but most importantly all will be up on the website in a few days:

SXSW Interactive

SXSW 2010: As pointed out in my last blog post, Robin Grant has submitted a panel proposal for next year’s SXSW about Social Media in Europa and invited me to join him on the panel to say a few words about Social Media in Germany. The panel is aimed at helping U.S. and international startups and brands get to grips with the European social media market, so it could be pretty cool. If you have a spare minute, it’d be great if you could vote for the panel on the SXSW website.

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