Funny iPhone Fakes

Earlier today I happened to see this phone:

What you probably can’t really see thanks to the poor video quality is that this phone is actually branded as an iPhone. It’s hilarious.

I have to admit I find it very refreshing in a way to see that these folks didn’t even try to clone an iPhone or anything similar. They built this thing with no resemblance whatsoever to the original product. It’s all blinkenlights and shiny pink and full of logos. (Although it supposedly holds two SIM cards, which would be a pretty impressive feat given it’s otherwise not-quite-so-premium nature.)

Anyway, this inspired me to a brief Google search for iPhone fakes (some of which in fact are spelled lPhone, with a lower-case L). I’m sure you can find even better ones than that. (Feel free to post them in the comments.) Please note that most of these aren’t even real clones. They are basically freely invented and just (totally illegitimately and without any real resemblance to the original) labeled as iPhones. However, you can clearly see different degrees of inventiveness.

Because there’s a lot of images here, the complete post comes after the jump.

Here goes:

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