Coworking (A Few Brief Thoughts & Questions)

Coworking at St Oberholz

I’ve been watching the coworking movement for quite a while, but only recently have I really had a chance to work from coworking spaces and really meet the folks behind it. But I’m typing this blog post from The Change You Want To See, a coworking space in Brooklyn. (Usually I’m just sharing an office with two friends, and this office is in turn sublet from the cool folks over at P3000. For me personally it’s kinda like coworking, but less open.)

Talking to more experienced coworkers, I have to admit I underestimated how much the individual spaces differ, not just by their looks, but also their culture. Some are geared more towards web workers, some cater more to artists. Some are non-profit, others are more corporate. Some bootstrap, some are well-designed and polished. Some band together (more or less loosely) in global networks.

Unfortunately I missed the Open Everything Berlin that focused on Coworking (and Traworking, as Michelle calls it), and with it the perfect occasion to meet a few more coworking folks from Berlin. But since this might very well be the future of how we work, I guess it’s time to cobble together a bit more info.

So if you are involved in a coworking space, please share your experiences. Best way to go is sticking to these five questions:

  • What’s does Coworking mean for you?
  • What brought you to Coworking?
  • Every Coworking Space seems different. What’s the focus of yours, what makes it special?
  • Where do you see Coworking in five years?
  • Where can we find you?

By the way, for a list of more spaces around the world, see the coworking wiki.

Image: Wifi Zombies’ Rush Hour by angermann (some rights reserved)

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