SF power outage takes down web servers galore

Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash

The reports about last night’s power outage in San Francisco’s SOMA District are filing in: The Laughing Squid has a quick summary of the events. My favorite part?

We’re seeing several reports of a chaotic scene at 365 Main, with a line of sys admins forming outside the door waiting to get in to work on their servers.

As you see in the video above, the Onion knew about it all, and prepared a nifty news piece a while back.

How come there are no backup generators in place at the ISPs, particularly in the SF area? (Do you know about any reliable stats regarding how big a chunk of web content is provided from within the greater Valley region? If you do, please let me know!)



They do have backup systems. They failed. Most customers had a 1-2 minute power interruption, causing servers to reboot. But most big websites haven’t had to deal with all their machines being power cycled at the same time, and the systems didn’t come up properly.