WordPress & blip.tv II: blip even plays open formats

This afternoon I complained about not being able to get WordPress to post the video clips I have hosted at blip.tv: Whenever I copy&pasted the code, or had it posted directly from blip.tv into the weblog, the HTML would get screwed up and it wouldn’t work anymore. I had figured out that it was due to the WordPress rich text editor, but it didn’t even work when I copy&pasted the HTML in the HTML editing mode that you can start from within the rich text editor. So I kinda fretted about it.

Well, turns out I was more than unfair. Not only can you easily post blip.tv videos into WordPress blogs (just make sure to really completely switch off the rich text editor under “users > personal options”). Turns out blip.tv can also play back movies in other formats than just flash, namely OGG and many more. Something I could’ve found out on their website, but you know how it is. As Markus had just asked me about it, there you go. Awesome!

The really cool thing, though, is blip.tv itself. No, I’m not getting paid to say that. Within just a few hours of my posting, I got email from blip’s Mike with the hints I needed to get it all to work good & proper. Now wouldn’t that turn you into a happy customer? It certainly made my day.

This. Is. Awesome.

Thanks, Mike!


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