Kubb (rhymes with rube)

Kubb is an outdoor game where the object is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden sticks at them. The word “Kubb” (rhymes with rube) means “wooden block” in the Gotland dialect of Swedish.

Whenever we play Kubb at the park ’round the corner, there are at least half a dozen people watching us at any time. During the hour or so we play, at least five will also ask what it is that we’re doing when we keep throwing little sticks at each other’s wooden blocks (the kubbs). The conversations usually go somewhat like this:

Q: Say, how’s this game called?

A: Kubb.

Q: Say again?

A: Kubb. K-U-B-B. It’s Swedish.

Q: Cool. Uhm, how does it work?

A: Well, basically, you through your wooden sticks at the opponent’s wooden blocks. That’s it, basically. You’ll love it!

Next thing is, they wanna know where to order a set of Kubb.

If you haven’t played it, go get one. Google will tell you where to get it. Warning: It’s highly addictive. Ever since S. told us about it when he lived in Sweden, I’ve been hooked. Here’s what Wikipedia says about Kubb. (If you speak German, there’s a more detailed explanation on German Wikipedia.)