Often—nay: usually—the outside world has an incomplete picture of what’s going on inside another organization. What’s happening, and why is it happening? How does this bit relate to that? This holds especially true in organizations that do a lot out of sight (like confidential work) as well as exploratory work (ie. uncharted territories, testing new things and models at a higher pace).

I relate to this, a lot, in my day-to-day work through The Waving Cat (TWC) because:

  • TWC is an organization that as mentioned above that does a lot of work out of sight (because confidential) as well as exploratory &
  • TWC is a one-person company, fully held by me; it is in some ways an administrative backend to allow me to make decisions and explore areas that in larger context would be much harder to justify but that I deem important and relevant. Often, that means using various labels, working through quite a few collaborations, and wearing a great number of hats.