Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me


The Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me meme has been around for quite a while (it’s fairly old, really), but it’s good fun, and a charming way to get to know each other better. So here we go. I was tagged by Stuart Brown (Social Communications), so here are seven not-so-well known facts about me. (Thanks, Stuart!)

The Seven Things

  1. When I was a little kid, I wanted to make it my job to take things apart. I had no interest in putting them back together (or maybe I lacked the skills). I just wanted to take them apart, piece by piece.
  2. Watching Road Trip always puts me in a good mood. I’m not proud of it, and it’s not even a particularly good movie, but even five minutes and all grudges are gone.
  3. I got two masters degrees, almost by accident.
  4. The two tools that I found help me most to increase productivity are, in this order, a large second monitor and static-adhesive whiteboard sheets (like these).
  5. At home, I have a massive stack of chopsticks, and a glass from the Washington, DC, German Embassy’s basement bar. Both are completely unrelated.
  6. I don’t understand, and never have, what small glasses are for. Cups are a completely different matter.
  7. I’m writing this from a completely empty office because the rest of the crew won’t move in till tomorrow morning.

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The Meme Rules

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Webby Awards: Wrap-up & Slides


Webby AwardsSo last night I was at the German Webby Awards event in Berlin. (Thanks to Upside, the agency that serves as the German Webby ambassador, for inviting me as a speaker. Also, thanks to David!) What the Webby Awards do these days is branching out internationally. A logical step, if you ask me.

So how was it?

Bar Tausend Bar Tausend

With Bar Tausend, we had a great, very stylish location (see above). Picked remotely from New York, as far as I’ve heard. Extra props. It was packed and cozy. More agency folks than I had expected, it seemed like not many of the real web folks were around. Or maybe I’m mistaken, it just seemed that not many folks got my reference to IT Crowd

Eric Wahlforss of Soundcloud, Gabriel Yoran of aka-aki and Youyoung Lee of unlike.net all gave awesome presentations. Eric even managed to speak to folks from the future and brought back some wisdom – not bad!

For completeness’ sake I included my slides below. I spoke about Memes in Meatspace. What a great excuse to put on a lot of LOLCatz! Please note that they won’t make much sense without text, but at least so it won’t hurt much that the presentation is in German.

In the original version, clicking that last NOOB button would’ve taken the audience here to demonstrate how memes mutate to keep spreading. (Be warned: Click at your own risk.)

By the way, the awesome images, mainly the NOOB button, but also the “Teh Internets” image, were created by Goopymart. Plenty of geeky awesomeness there.

All in all: Good fun!