Liveblogging DLD10 with Berlinblase



Like I mentioned before, I’ll be liveblogging DLD10 with the Berlinblase crew. (Full disclosure: Paid gig.) So while we’re setting up base in the DLD press center, here’s the links in case you want to follow what’s going on:

Photo by dotdean (some rights reserved)

Covering DLD Conference with Berlinblase


DLDTogether with the Berlinblase crew I’ll be heading down to Munich next week to cover Burda’s DLD Conference. (Full disclosure: paid gig.) Needless to say, I was thrilled to hear that the DLD team invited us down as the official live bloggers. It’ll be four of us – Florian Krakau (@dotdean), Johannes Kleske (@jkleske), Igor Schwarzmann (@zeigor) and I.

We’ll be blogging all three conference days, 24-26 Jan. You’ll find our coverage here and on the conference website.

Livebloggers wanted in Germany


Recently I’ve been getting more and more requests for liveblogging events. Since I rarely have the capacity to do this kind of stuff myself, I’m happy to pass on these requests. So I decided to start a little pool of folks who are willing to blog live from events. (I’m leaving this so vague on purpose since I get a wide spectrum of requests from minute-by-minute blogging to posting highlights to video coverage.)

So if you’re based in Germany and up for that kind of stuff, drop me a line. Best would be to include your conditions (voluntary or paid gigs, topics, etc.). Don’t forget to give me your contact details, too. (Of course I won’t sell this list, and won’t pass on your contact details unless you ask me to.)

Thanks, and happy liveblogging!

ps. Also, I’m organizing a blogger program for Deutsche Gamestage / Quo Vadis, if you’re interested in blogging from there (in German), drop me a line (peter at thewavingcat.com) and I can hook you up with a free ticket.

Am in Paris, will blog: Meet Berlinblase at LeWeb 08


By now I’ve arrived in Berlin and managed to meet up with the Berlinblase crew. After dinner, we’ve managed to find wireless to catch up on some email and get prepared for tomorrow. We’ll be blogging, twittering and also recording interviews at LeWeb.

On Berlinblase, you’ll find the Berlinblase Link Guide to LeWeb Paris, an all-you-need list of links, hashtags and what not. There’s even a neat Google map:

Google Map of LeWeb Paris

So for our coverage, check out Berlinblase.de.

Liveblogging The BOBs


THE BOBsThis Thursday (27 Nov 2008) I’ll have the honor of liveblogging the award ceremony of The BOBs, the Best of the Blogs awards. (More about the BOBs in my first announcement or the official FAQ.)

Nutshell version (from the press release):

Reporters Without Borders secretary-general Jean-François Julliard was a member of the BOBs jury last year, and sees a real benefit to promoting freedom of opinion in the blogosphere. ‘Reporters Without Borders is proud to promote online free speech,’ Julliard said. ‘Blogs are often a means for people to express their views in countries where they generally cannot do this. The Internet is a revolution for voices that governments try to silence or harass. It was a great experience to be part of the jury as the BOBs are an excellent way of exploiting the Internet’s possibilities with regards to freedom of information.’ Among those nominated for this year’s Reporters Without Borders Award is the Cuban journalist Yoani Sanchez, who Time magazine voted one of the 100 most influential people of the year in 2008. Another nominee is Zeng Jinyan, the wife of the human-rights activist Hu Jia. She is currently under house arrest in China. The blog from the 4Equality project was also nominated. The project is aimed at collecting a million signatures in favor of more rights for women in Iran.

The liveblog will go online around 8pm Berlin time (GMT +1) and there’s a number of ways to follow the event:

First, and of course best, is being there, live in the meatspace. If you’re in Berlin, don’t miss out, it should be great. The ceremony will take place in the Museum for Communication (Google Maps). It’s free and open, and after the ceremony you’ll have the chance to meet the jury.

Second, and hopefully not bad either, there’ll be live coverage: I’ll be liveblogging both here and on the BOBs website. (Full disclosure: This is a paid gig.) Personally, I’d recommend you watch it on the BOBs site, as there’ll also be a live video stream. You’ll get the videostream on your left and my liveblog on the right. Of course, you can also grab the embed code and spread the work (and thereby promote freedom of speech) on your own blog. Feel free to do so!

You can register here if you’d like to get an email reminder:


Update: Get the whole picture! I figured it might be even more interesting to follow both the liveblog and see what others are saying about the BOBs. So here’s what the folks on Twitter are saying:

    The box above is done via Twemes.com, a pretty useful little service that aggregates in one place every tweet tagged with #thebobs. If you discuss the BOBs on Twitter, just include #thebobs in your post and it will show up here.


    Update: Chinese jury member couldn’t leave China The Chinese blogger, citizen journalist and member of the jury Shuguang Zhou was restricted from leaving China. This sadly shows how important these awards are.

    next08: wrap-up


    Back in Berlin after a day of liveblogging at next08 in Hamburg. You can read our coverage (mostly German, some English) on Fischmarkt.de.

    Good fun & nice folks and a number of good panels. Also, it was interesting to see how our group live blogging developed – between the four of us we tried to cover as much of the conference as possible. I’ll be posting a few pictures here, more are on Flickr (mine, everybody’s).

    Thomas Praus, Stylewalker.net / Panorama3000 Thomas Praus, Stylewalker.net / Panorama3000

    Stowe Boyd Stowe Boyd, /Message

    Team Jimdo Team Jimdo: Matthias Henze, Fridtjof Detzner & Christian Springub

    Steffen Büffel Co-Liveblogger Steffen Büffel, Media-Ocean

    Andreas Wagner Co-Liveblogger Andreas Wagner

    moo card My trusted Moo card

    Thanks guys, that was fun!

    Full disclosure: I was hired by SinnerSchrader to cover next08 as a liveblogger.