skullcandy.comreal nice stuff on their cebit booth: skullcandy. like, woolen caps with massive built-in headsets. stylish, really. should’ve taken some pice, it’s not yet on their website.

cebit 1.9


weird, weird: At the Cebit, there was hardly anything about web2.0, social software, or anything related. bits and pieces of online collaboration stuff here and there, but strictly office, please. no weblog providers, no flickr, no Nada, nothing. Maybe the whole 2.0 companies are too small, or too young. Bit of both, i guess. So is all the hype in vain? hardly – in this case i’d say the cebit just lags behind a little.

some more cebit-stuff (in german) on metablocker.

Down Under



Here the planes fly over, they drop prices. Back in Beirut when the planes fly over they drop bombs. I like these planes better.

A quote from The Castle I just stumbled upon again. The Castle is one of those movies you just gotta watch to really get a feeling for Australia. People often ask me stuff (the most random stuff indeed) about Australia, and I’ve always found it hard to really come up with a useful description without just re-inforcing stereotypes all the time. (I mean, come on, how do you describe a country??) Anyway, the best way to understand AUS is, and that I swear, to watch The Castle and to read Bill Bryson’s Down Under. (In Germany it’s sold as Frühstück mit Kängurus.) Especially Bill Bryson’s book is simply awesome. Don’t even think about missing out on that one. You’ll love Australia afterwards, and Bryson too. (And also, it’s a great way to get introduced – very carefully – to the idea of Australia’s Big Things.)

Das Volks


Soso, VW und Bild streiten sich über das Volks- als Vorsilbe zu -wagen, -bibel, -handy. So richtig erstrebenswert sollte diese Silbe doch eigentlich gar nicht sein, wenn man bedenkt, wer die ersten Volks-produkte (damals wohl den Käfer als Volks-Wagen) in Auftrag gegeben hat, oder?