Some standardized packages to get you started

Over the years, a few recurring types of engagement — best practices, if you will — have emerged that I want to make more transparent and easier to access.

My bread and butter is custom-tailored work: Looking at an organization’s or executive’s individual needs and finding a format that works for them specifically. But there are many occasions (often at the outset, before establishing a longer-term collaboration) where low-key engagements work best.

Here’s a quick overview to get you started:

  1. Executive advice (“Sparring”), as long as needed

    You are an executive or team lead who has to make far-ranging strategic decisions, or simply need to work through complex questions with a peer. Sparring sessions with a peer help make sense of a wide range of considerations, sharpen and fine-tune your thinking, and lead to better decisions and outcomes.

    This package consists of fortnightly conversations, prepared or impromptu, about the things and questions on your mind we tackle those considerations, questions and decisions together. This could be about big picture strategy, organizational development, your leadership role, or about a better understanding of the environment you and your organization operate in. And yes, sometimes it’s ok to just vent, too.

  2. Top-level strategy review, once

    You are an executive or team lead responsible for decision-making in your organization. It’s time to take stock, see where you’re at — maybe because it’s been a long time, maybe because things aren’t working the way they used to, maybe because you joined just recently. Time for an inventory and some top-level feedback.

    This package consists of a review of where your organization or team is at considering your organization’s operational environment. By necessity, this can only scratch the surface, it’s a first step that will give you a snapshot of where you stand and where there are obvious potentials for improvement. Includes reviewing documented strategy and a number of interviews with key staff, including yourself. Delivered in a short, actionable written report (aimed at 3-5 pages) and a call. The focus here is to identify areas that need more attention, and the next most relevant steps. No fluff, no BS.

    Please note that I will only accept this if I know your industry/operational context well enough to offer insight.

  3. Ongoing advisory, as long as needed

    You are an executive or team lead responsible for strategic decision-making in your organization. The occasional conversation isn’t quite enough, you prefer some more in-depth feedback and input.

    This entry-level package consists of an ongoing exchange tailored around your specific needs built around fortnightly or weekly conversations. These conversations are the backbone of what’s happening. On top, I invite you to reach out to me with specifics as you see the need, and I’ll provide feedback on short notice (usually within a day, rarely later, often faster). Also, I’ll be happy to provide the occasional deep-dive or context by call or email, to draft/review your strategy docs, etc. (within reason).

These are some “standard” packages, typical structures for small-scale engagements that have worked well in the past. Beyond that, we’re in custom territory: I’ll be more than happy (in fact, I prefer) long-term engagements, which often can be more effective and enjoyable for all sides if they are built specifically around your needs, and are flexible enough to identify opportunities for impact along the way. Please reach out and we’ll talk.

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