Days 6-7: Shenzhen

Note: These are the more personal, non-work related notes to complement this blog post.

Excellent, extensive Szechuan lunch with the Over a dozen dishes and an intense conversation we don’t notice how two hours pass. This is good.

Shenzhen Industrial Design Fair. Long discussions happen over shared Szechuan lunch.


At night, we relax by visiting one of the more obscure and baffling attractions, the theme park Window of the World.

It’s a thing of beauty (if a bit on the bizarre side of things) where significant buildings from countries around the world are replicated side by side. Think Egypt’s pyramids next to the Tower of Pisa next to a Peruvian vulcano.

Here are some photos of our night time excursion:

Window of the World Egypt’s pyramids

Window of the World The metro entrance double as Louvre

Window of the World A model of Manhattan (not updated after 9/11)

Window of the World Eiffel tower plus x

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