You’d like to sponsor, but don’t know what? Get in touch!

If your company would like to support the Berlin tech ecosystem by sponsoring an event, get in touch, I might have a good opportunity for you (at almost any given moment)._



Usually sponsor acquisition is a matter of trust and building long-term relationships. That requires, of course, that both parties know each other in the first place. Experience shows that this isn’t always the case, sometimes a little matchmaking or pure luck makes all the difference. At other times, it’s the timing that matters. While community outreach through event sponsoring might be a bad fit one moment, it can be the perfect fit the next moment. It’s always a matter of context, after all.

Sponsoring is tricky to get right (see my Sponsoring DOs and DON’Ts), but if it’s done right it can be magical for all parties involved. A sponsor can be a rock star at a conference, enabling to take the level to the next level.

Since I run quite a lot of events and am tapped quite closely into the tech conference scene – in Berlin and across Europe – I usually have a pretty good grasp of what’s going on at any given time.


I’d like to invite you to drop me a line if you ever consider sponsoring an event. There’s a good chance I can offer a great sponsoring opportunity for your needs.


Often, I’m directly involved in conferences. To name just some from the last few years: UIKonf, ThingsCon, Cognitive Cities Conference, Ignite Berlin, TEDxKreuzberg. There were more.

The sponsors involved in some of my events range from startups to larger organizations and corporates, so you know you’ll be in good company. To name just a few: Electric Imp, Facebook, Mercedes/Smart, Microsoft, Highway1, Spark, Twilio and Wooga have all sponsored before.

Often times, sponsoring opportunities are very flexible if planned with enough of a headstart. So why not get in touch if you have something in mind, or are considering it for the future. We’ll have a chat and see where it leads, and by the time you’re ready or the next event comes around, we’ll see if things work out!

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