SXSW prep

Just a brief status update – I’ll be at SXSW Interactive from Friday to Tuesday. If I don’t reply to any of your emails or calls, please bear with me.

I’m writing this from New York, more concretely from a friend’s apartment where I have access to wireless. It seems there is still not one decent prepaid or other short-term data plan for cell phones in the US. (Hint to all providers, and most importantly to my new provider O2: Offer flexible roaming packages – one month US data flat for $39,99, one month France data flat for €29,99 or whatever. Just do it!) So I’ve been hopping from wireless to wireless and cafe to cafe for the last few days. Again, if I don’t reply in time, you know why.

I’m really curious to experience my first SXSW – everybody I talk to tells me it’s one of the great conferences. Since the schedule is totally packed and so many parties required to RSVP long ago, I’m not even going to plan it out in detail. Instead, my travel buddy Igor and I will be going with the flow.

What I’m particularly interested in is to talk to US startups who’re interested in coming to Germany, and of course to fellow geeks, and just hang & geek out.

If you’re there and would like to meet up, I won’t make any promises as I’m expecting it to be rather chaotic. But feel free to ping me anytime so we can see if we can make it work! Best way is probably through Twitter ( or email (

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