Update: WordPress 2.7 running (and it rocks)


This will hopefully be the last post about my server moves. One thing really blew my mind, though, and I’d like to share it: WordPress 2.7 is an absolute game-changer in terms of how smooth a blogging engine can operate, update, run. It’s fast, it’s smart, the interface is completely new – which takes some getting used to, but it makes sense.

So my setup as it is: Hosting by MediaTemple, which offers a very convenient 1-click-installation for several apps including WordPress. And WordPress offers auto-upgrade and live installations of plugins from the admin area. In other words: Within about 5 minutes you can set up and configure a brand new WordPress blog. It really is amazing after years and years of the download-move-upload-active craziness that used to be the installation of a simple plugin. I love it.

Now that you’ve had to suffer through plenty a moving-my-blog posts, I’m looking forward to provide you with some actual content. Thanks for sticking around.

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