What’s a blog? A green monster living in your toilet, says illustrator

What’s a blog, I asked the FILU illustrator box at the Frankfurt book fair. The illustrator box was a machine comparable to the Mechanical Turk, only more fun: You could slide in a request for a visualization, i.e. ask for an image of something (I asked “what’s a blog”); you’d put a coin in a coin slot; and a few minutes later you’d get a funny, or inspiring, hand-painted image. I loved it.

So, what IS a blog, then? Here’s the answer (translation below the photo):

Was ist ein Blog?

“A blog is a green monster with fangs and tentacles that lives in the toilet.” (The monster thinks: “I can wait…”)

Created, most probably, by my office friend and office mate Matthias Pflügner, who I guess suspected it was me asking. (You couldn’t see who was inside the box from the outside, or vice versa. Inside were usually three illustrators, and the style looks very familiar indeed.)