Social Media Noise vs Info Overload

Just stumbled over a series of posts on ReadWriteWeb I’d like to share with you. Without further commenting, there’s plenty of info there that I’m fairly certain are relevant to your daily life, too.

First, there’s a two-piece post on Info Overload (part one: the problem, part two: solutions). Solutions can be strategies, but also very concrete tools that reduce noise, like DarkRoom. Then, there’s a neat post on why social media noise might be good for you.

Social Media Consumption Differences, Image by Hutch Carpenter Social Media Consumption Differences: Image by Hutch Carpenter

Speaking of info overload, a new workgroup with pretty high-profile members researches just that. For more info check out the Information Overload Research Group.

This discussion is something a lot of us face every day, and I’m quite interested in the topic. If you have great tipps, links or ideas, please share in the comments!

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