ArchiveApril 14, 2006

mash-up revolution


They stole our revolution and now we’re stealing it back and selling it to Yahoo

sez Bruce Sterling about the relation between all the quick little Web2.0 guys and the slow, big corps. (The NYT article is about how web2.0 software, due to it’s modular structure, changes the nature of web development towards customized mash-ups, and therefore its social impact. Pretty good stuff.)

google times your life


Google strikes again: Google Calendar is heavily ajax-driven, which makes it super simple to use. It pre-structures all the data you enter quite intelligently, and from a quite first test it seems to get all the basics right: Your appointments are quite accessible and you get a good overview; It’s intuitive; You can import and export appointments; You can keep appointments private or share them on a per-person or group basis. And as we love and expect it from Google, gmail integration is strong.

Yup, excellent product.