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sounds familiar?


When Mark crunched the data, a picture of 21st-century office work emerged that was, she says, “far worse than I could ever have imagined.” Each employee spent only 11 minutes on any given project before being interrupted and whisked off to do something else. What’s more, each 11-minute project was itself fragmented into even shorter three-minute tasks, like answering e-mail messages, reading a Web page or working on a spreadsheet. And each time a worker was distracted from a task, it would take, on average, 25 minutes to return to that task.

NYT: Meet the Life Hackers

Band project


Lead Singer (all rights reserved)

Drummer (all rights reserver)

Bass (all rights reserved)

Guitarist (all rights reserved)

A friend of mine who’s a graphics designer made these for a semi-private project recently. Note that the guy’s face (everything within the black rectangle, that is) is a photo taken in a black&white photo booth – the rest is drawn around it.

He’s for hire. If you wanna get in touch with him, please do, and I’ll forward the message: weblog.plusnine at