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click-and-point game based on kafka: kafkamesto. (or, as some grumpy scholar quoted on the game’s website calls it: another “attempt by post-modernists and their sticky ilk to promote or elevate ‘games’ – or indeed, any form of ludic engagement – to any significant position of cultural value or scholastic recognition.”) haven’t really tried it out yet, just clicked around for a few secs, but it seems quite weird & eerie in a good way.

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a website promises to host a proof of love,or so, forever. forever? let’s see, where’s that FAQ

1. Will my page really be saved forever?

Yes. The page is stored through a unique method developed by SafeForever BV based in Delft, The Netherlands. We guarantee the safe storage of your data forever, if and when two conditions are met: 1) datastorage will continue to grow cheaper over time, and 2) interest rates will not drop structurally below 2%. If these conditions are met (and they undoubtedly will – it’s never been any different), LoveSafeForever can store your data Safe Forever. This is possible through clever long-term data-storage: technically, organisationally and culturally. By putting servers in several countries for example, and by embedding the actual data-storage in a non-commercial foundation. When we say Safe Forever, we really mean safe forever! No kidding, no back-doors, no nothing.

Now, forever is quite a long time, huh? (And who’d want a proof of love to be stored forever anyway? Especially if it’s tied to the condition of interest rates not to fall below 2%? “1,9% interest? no more love!”. Pffft.)

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mash-ups galore


dj BC - let it beastPlenty of good, funky mash-ups: dj BC’s newest album Let It Beast, follow-up to the much-praised mash-up The Beastles. Again, dj BC used and re-mixed Beatles samples with Beastie Boys stuff. And again, it’s great. Another good source of fresh bastard & mash-up material:, where you can get your daily dose of beats as a podcast.

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ps. the server has been boingboinged, so it’s occasionally down. Alternatively the songs are available from boing boing right here.