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Ever wondered how to keep all your folders organized? Well, nowadays, there’s Google Desktop Search and all that. But a system that also looks cool? Ok, ok, gadget-o-mania. But here you go:

Think of Tactile as a 3D file explorer with the ability to organize in a 3D space by exploiting useful visual and audible cues…

Many features of modern 2D desktops remind us that there isn’t enough room to organize large numbers of files….

The Tactile 3D UI allows you to roam around a 3D space and place objects where you want. Each object gives clues as to its contents by emitting sounds and mapping thumbnails and icons onto certain faces. Other cues include a faster rotation rate for recently accessed content, different lighting for read-only files, and variation in collision sound effects based on file size.

Also, there’s a neat section about future interfaces.

Tactile 3d by Upper Bounds.