ArchiveFebruary 11, 2006

song of a dying drive


This has been around for a little while, but eventually i just couldn’t resist posting it: Gizmodo announced a contest. The task: To sample/remix/re-edit some soundfiles. So far nothing special. But the soundfiles you had to sample were – (awesome!) – recordings of failing and dying hard drives. Yup, the sounds that your hard drive would actually produce if it gave up. If it happens to be a Hitachi drive, that is: The soundfiles originated from the Hitachi Website and were supposed to help users find out what’s wrong with their drives. The songs had to be “based on the sound of Hitachi hard drives failing”. Weird, eh? And, well, they are, and they’re good, too! The winner, Hitachi Hard-Drive Project – Noriko Version, makes it really hard to even tell what it’s remixed from.

What I like about this contest is not only that it’s very creative & unconventional. It also poses a bunch of questions: “are they copyrighted? can you copyright ambient sounds? can you copyright a sound made by a machine if there’s no human intervention to produce that sound?”, asks Copyfire. Good point! This is remixing taken to cutting edge. You just gotta dig it.