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Ms Zhang had complained that her employer had no right to ask her to wear a miniskirt at work, but Federal Magistrate Rolf Driver found against her.

“Ms Zhang complains about the obligation to wear short skirts upon the basis that this treated her as a ‘sex object’.

“However, this confuses sex discrimination with sexual discrimination.

“It does not avail her anything to complain that her employer took advantage of her sexuality.”

John Barry, from the NSW branch of the Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union, said it appeared that under the hotel award employers could dictate what length of skirt was worn.

He said that in the 1980s the union had a clause inserted into the award dealing with offensive attire, in response to demands by some employers for staff to go topless. As a result of industrial law simplifications brought in by the Federal Government that clause had been removed.

Kann sowas [Sydney Morning Herald] nicht endlich mal ein Ende haben???

“You may want to write off France altogether”


U.S. foreign policy prevents American students from getting laid abroad, says [The Onion]:

Hapbrook said the 2004 overseas-coitus figures show a slight recovery from the all-time low reached in November 2002, after the Afghanistan invasion and during escalating conflict with Iraq. But the figures are still well below those of 1999, when Bill Clinton was in office and a very healthy 67 percent of respondents scored abroad.

socialist dog poop


Here is what might seem a very trivial subject, and it is a minor matter, and yet it does raise a question that merits some analysis. It is this: The Germans justly have a reputation for orderliness and obedience to law. Why is it then that they don’t pick up after their dogs in Berlin?

Der International Herald Tribune über Hundekacke in Berlin, und was sie über die Berliner verrät: [In Berlin, the enigma of the pooper scooper]