Shenzhen, hardware, openness


Recently WIRED published a brilliant video series on the hardware ecosystem in Shenzhen. It has four parts and starts with this one:

As a refresher, Shenzhen is where most of the world’s electronics are manufactured. What a few decades or even just a few years ago was a place for cheap manufacturing of knock-offs has become a high-tech hub, and a hub of incredible manufacturing knowledge. Shenzhen is also on the way to become a major player for highly innovative hardware and product design.

I believe the Western tech scenes can learn a lot from Shenzhen.


What we can learn from VW’s emission scandal for IoT


As the digging into Volkswagen’s emission/cheating scandal continues, it’s very interesting to watch the kind of conflicts and issues we see emerge from the whole thing. Interesting not because it’s fun to ridicule corporations (it’s not, especially when emissions are concerned), but because this particular case gives us a good idea of the kind of scandals, issues and questions we’ll increasingly see over the next few years around #iot and sensor-data based decision making.