Ignite Berlin 3 is go!


Ignite Berlin


On Thursday we’re taking Ignite Berlin to round 3. And boy, what a line up of fantastic speakers we got:

No sign up needed, but if you could let us know via Facebook or spread the word via Twitter (#igniteberlin), that’s always welcome. Like the last two times, we expect a full house, so come on time.

Ignite Berlin 2 videos are up


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Ignite Berlin 2 is a wrap, and we couldn’t be happier.

Below you’ll find the 8 talks in chronological order, so why don’t you lean back and enjoy them.

Thomas Schindler: Unfuck the planet by redesigning our currencies

Louisa Heinrich: The inadvertent time machine

Matt Patterson: The strangeness of advertising in comics

Alice Mrongovius: Creating Collaborative Environments

Caroline Drucker: How to give great talks

Jeremy Tai Abbett: I make therefore I am

Joanna Bakas: Unlearning

Marcus Brown: Stories and digital personas

A big round of thank you! is in order! Thanks to our fantastic speakers for their delightful talks, the audience for the lovely conversations throughout the night, our drinks sponsor Weavrs in the person of former Ignite Berlin speaker David Bausola, and our incredibly helpful location hosts, Supermarkt Berlin. You all made this a truly memorable night.

All videos are available at a glance over on Igniteshow.com.

Original post on IgniteBerlin.com.

Ignite Berlin wrap up


Over the last few years I’ve developed a ritual: After any event I help run, the morning after, I sleep in a bit and have a long breakfast. Disconnected, no phone calls, just kicking back.

While the evening of any event includes tons of great conversations, and often even a party of sorts, it’s a very different speed and triggers different parts of my brain. The morning after breakfast is a good way to calm down, reset, stay sane, and enjoy life. It also helps to procrastinate the follow up a bit, which is a nice bonus I’m happy to take advantage of.

Now with three things in the space of about two weeks, it was a bit hectic as I mentioned before. It was so busy, in fact, that I had to break my habit and skip the morning-after breakfast two out of three times. But now here I sit and have my breakfast after a nice, long run, and skim how Ignite Berlin went down last night according to Twitter and emails and Instagram, and I have to say I’m quite happy. It seems like both theh speakers and the audience quite enjoyed the night, which is the most important, and our merry little crew of organizers also had a blast, so I couldn’t be happier with it.

So, long story short: A big, big thank you to all the fantastic speakers, everybody who showed up despite the warm summer night and started all the fun conversations, to Ela and her team up at Supermarkt Berlin (a great location, by the way!) and of course to my co-organizers Claudia and Yasmina!

By the way, this is what Ignite looked like from the stage:

Full house #igniteberlin


ps. Videos of the talks will hopefully be up soon on igniteberlin.com. Yes, chances are there’s going to be another Ignite later this year.

Ignite Berlin Videos


Monday night Matt and I hosted Ignite Berlin as part of the Global Ignite Week. I had a tremendous time there watching all these really smart people give rapid-fire talks of five minutes each. (Thanks folks!)

You can find all Ignite Berlin talks on IgniteShow.com or jump straight to the videos below:

By the way, the video above shows my friend Igor Schwarzmann talking about smart cities, here are the slides to go with his talk:

Ignite Berlin: the definitive speaker list


Ignite BerlinIt’s on! We just posted the speaker list and schedule for Ignite Berlin. And after reading the proposed talks I have to say I can’t wait to see them this coming Monday.

Here’s the list of speakers:

  • Edial Dekker: “Stop creating, start collecting”
  • Ahmet Emre Acar: “Lessons from a Caveman”
  • Markus Andrezak: “The Why and How of Kanban”
  • Philip Steffan: “MakerBot”
  • Igor Schwarzmann: “What’s so smart about cities?”
  • Luis Berríos-Negrón: “The Turtle”
  • Josh & Sabine Devins: “Lego Manhunt”
  • Isabel Drost: “Scaling machine learning with Apache Mahout”
  • Jay Cousins: “The World is our Wiki”
  • Robert Boehme: “A Part-Time Scientists perspective of getting to the moon!
  • Dave Haynes: “Everybody can be a Music Maker”

For some links to go with that, check out the brief speaker profiles on the Ignite site. Also, remember to sign up on Facebook and follow @igniteberlin on Twitter for updates.

And a big thank you! to the speakers and talk proposers!

Ignite Berlin: 1 March 2010


Ignite BerlinWe’ve mentioned it before (all posts), so now it’s time to get more concrete: We have date and location for Ignite Berlin. The basics:

In case you’re wondering: What is Ignite?

Fast-paced, fun, thought-provoking, social, local, global—Ignite is all of these and more. It’s a high-energy evening of 5-minute talks by people who have an idea—and the guts to get onstage and share it with their hometown crowd. Run by local volunteers who are connected through the global Ignite network, Ignite is a force for raising the collective IQ and building connections in each city. And, via streaming and archived videos of local talks, local Ignites share all that knowledge and passion with the world.

Thanks to the good folks over at O’Reilly for setting this up and getting us involved!