Net Neutrality Begone: Startups, stay out of Europe (for now)


A few days ago, the EU passed legislation around Net Neutrality that in name should have guaranteed net neutrality, but in the legal text has such huge loop holes that in fact it does the opposite.

This regulation was passed very much against expert opinion, and bears a very unhealthy resemblance to the language that telco lobbyists have been pushing for a long time.

This directive is a shame, and it kicks out one of the main drivers of innovation and equality in Europe. As of the moment of signing Europe, its citizens, and its companies will be disadvantaged citizens in the digital world. Europe has just been weakened tremendously as a place for digital innovation.

Please note that the following isn’t “just” my opinion as a citizen of the EU. It’s also my professional opinion as an analyst and consultant to organizations large and small, from startup to global corporation; as Managing Director of my own company, The Waving Cat; and as chair and founder of a number of technology & innovation conferences.


Joining the Open Data Incubator Europe (ODINE) as an external reviewer


The Open Data Incubator Europe (ODINE) is an EU-funded program to help startups as well as small and medium enterprises build things (and businesses) with open data:

Startups that join the program receive up to EUR100K in funding as well as access to peer-networking, technology, datasets, mentorship, VC investors and media coverage.

I was kindly invited to join the ODINE evaluation committee as one of about 20 independent members to regularly review the applications.