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I’m back in the country (hi!), and right now in Munich for DLD11 (disclosure: clients of ours).

So after some three weeks in South-East Asia – Laos, mostly – and more than four weeks on the road altogether, I’m still re-adjusting: to the weather, to how smoothly things run we take for granted here (fast trains, potable tap water…) and to the speed of things. It really fascinated me how slow Laos is. Life there is a bit like watching a movie, played back at 70 percent or so of regular speed. Diving right back into a conference as packed with great talks like DLD the morning after getting back is quite a way to get back.

DLD is interesting to me on two levels: First, the speakers here are great, so there are inspiring or informative talks galore. (Check out the program.) Second, it’s one of the best-organized conferences of that size I know. Partly that’s surely a question of budget, but mostly you just see it’s run by people who know what they’re doing. With our own conference coming up, I’m taking notes ;)

So what’s next? Today and tomorrow it’s more DLD, then I’m headed back to Berlin – it’s about time. There’s plenty to catch up on, and Cognitive Cities Conference now seems quite close: Just about one more month. While I was gone the whole crew did an amazing job and the organization came along more than just well – there are some news in the pipeline (think speakers, food, etc) that make me very happy indeed.

After my vacation I can’t wait to jump right in.

ps. If you want to follow DLD, check out the livestream or the our summarizing coverage.

Liveblogging DLD10 with Berlinblase



Like I mentioned before, I’ll be liveblogging DLD10 with the Berlinblase crew. (Full disclosure: Paid gig.) So while we’re setting up base in the DLD press center, here’s the links in case you want to follow what’s going on:

Photo by dotdean (some rights reserved)

Covering DLD Conference with Berlinblase


DLDTogether with the Berlinblase crew I’ll be heading down to Munich next week to cover Burda’s DLD Conference. (Full disclosure: paid gig.) Needless to say, I was thrilled to hear that the DLD team invited us down as the official live bloggers. It’ll be four of us – Florian Krakau (@dotdean), Johannes Kleske (@jkleske), Igor Schwarzmann (@zeigor) and I.

We’ll be blogging all three conference days, 24-26 Jan. You’ll find our coverage here and on the conference website.