Client Projects

Much of our client work is confidential, but we consider ourselves lucky that we get to work with fantastic organizations that also happen to be willing to share our work with the world.

A few examples of publicly available work we did over the last few years.

Mozilla Foundation: A Trustmark for the Internet of Things

For Mozilla, we explored the potentials and challenges of a trustmark for the Internet of Things (IoT). That research is now publicly available. We see lots of potential for the Internet of Things (IoT) to create value and improve lives, but also some serious challenges. One of the core challenges is that it’s hard for consumers to figure out which IoT products and services are good—which ones are designed responsibly, which ones deserve their trust. After all, too often IoT devices are essentially black boxes that are hard interrogate and that might change with the next over-the-air software update. We think that a trustmark for IoT has huge potential there to make an impact. Learn more.

German government: Digitalisierung und die Smart City

Digitalisierung und die Smart City. Ressource und Barriere transformativer Urbanisierung. Expertise für das WBGU-Hauptgutachten „Der Umzug der Menschheit: Die transformative Kraft der Städte“. Last year, Prof. Dr. Christoph Bieber and I were kindly asked to contribute some research and policy recommendations for a larger report for the German federal government around the role of cities and urbanization in the 21st century. The report is called “Humanity on the move: The transformative power of cities” (Der Umzug der Menschheit: Die transformative Kraft der Städte) and published through WBGU, the German Advisory Council on Global Change. Learn more.

We cannot provide details, but can share that we’ve also provided support with product and strategy development for an automotive industry R&D department, workedwith Google on tech policy, and provided research on smart cities, smart home, smart agriculture and Internet of Things (IoT) for various R&D, industry and academic clients.

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