“I love the web, but it’s a shitty toy”,…


…sagt Frode Hegland vom University College London’s Interaction Centre.

Zusammen mit Doug Engelbart, dem Erfinder der Maus, will er das Netz stärker, vor allem intelligenter vernetzen – per Liquid Information. Sagt ein Artikel in wired, und macht Lust auf mehr:

kinda like Wikipedia meets hypertext

Der Trick ist, aus den vorhandenen Informationen Wissen zu generieren. Eine erste (extrem simple) Demoversion einer Liquid Information CNN-Website ist etwas steif, macht aber einen ganz brauchbaren Eindruck.



just in case i don’t get around to putting it online otherwise: a quick catch-up on where i’ve been the last week or so.

  1. cape tribulation (‘Kap Truebsal’): s.unten
  2. cairns: bumped into the three from michigan; beer and nothing else.
  3. ingham: a little shithole of a sugar cane town. the other australia. awesome to see: no bikes to rent to go to the nearby waterfalls, so it was a ‘wet walk’ through the nearby swamps. danger, crocodiles, the brochure said.
  4. i think i might have forgotten one stop right here. hm.
  5. townsville: hike up Castle Hill Rock (?)
  6. magnetic island: bushwalking to the forts, a WWII gun emplacement. townsville (line of sight) was hit by 4 japanese air raids around 1942. spectacular views. plus: first koala in the wild. 2/3 of the island are national park.
  7. airlie beach: die costa brava australiens. aber nach einer woche im regenwald wie ein kleines kind mich darueber gefreut, abends nen haufen leute in bars zu sehen.
  8. agnes water, right next to town of 1770: one greyhound shuttle a day north, one south. great location and the most awesome hostel, cool bananas. it’s all about the details, baby!

agnes water


seem just not to be able to memorize this town’s name. right next door is town of 1770 (rumour has it that it has a population of 90). awesome, relaxed little former surfer town.

best hostel ever, or at least my personal top 5 (the others being the YHA in Katoomba, Blue Mountains; Treehouse Lodge, Ko Chang, Thailand; a third one that i just forgot).

welcome tour sponsored by the hostel: a ‘city tour’ around the area, which turned out to be a 4WD tour, with me being the driver. awesome! later: 3h scooter ride including wedges and beer and a sunset. note: first scooter hirer who actually encouraged the group to a)leave the keys in the scooters b)leave the helmets on the scooters and c)have a beer before the trip back. he also grabbed the wedges for us and brought them down to the rocks so we wouldn’t miss the sunset.

cangaroos en masse plus wallabies. pretty cool!