ArchiveMarch 28, 2006

DRM is killing music



Remember the 80s anti-piracy campaign by the British Phonographic Industry: “home-taping is killing music“? Well, as we all know, it hasn’t. And despite the music industry’s claims that file-sharing kills music these days (1, 2), it doesn’t take a lot of brains to figure out they’re pretty much wrong this time, too. If sales went down over the last few years (and tthe increase actually only slowed down), it wouldn’t be due to bad pricing strategy & creepy copy protection measures & restrictive Digital Rights Management (DRM), no?

Anyways, some excellent resources about DRM and the new German copyright laws can be found at (and here). Also check out metablocker for regular updates.

Thanks, Marcus!

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Hee hee. This is funny:

The world today is in a battle for its identity. Evil forces are creating a sick culture of hate. But they will not succeed. In order for His Word to prevail, we must make our own culture of hope and love stronger.
Gets even better:

Are they, in fact, creating their own religion? Have [the youths] integrated the values of a morally degenerate culture into Christianity and, as a result, created something that is no longer Christian?

No way, how dare they believing in what they want? This whole website is so… irony-free, it’s actually nearly impressive: