We relaunched our website


We just relaunched our website for more clarity and to better reflect our work, both recent and future.

So what’s new?

Less images, more text

At a glance you’ll notice that it’s a lot more built with text in mind. This reflects our output, and should lead to much, much faster load times.

Clear structure

A lot of cruft went out the door. This allows for a much clearer structure.

The front page still offers an overview of the company, but CLIENT SERVICES and IN-HOUSE PROJECTS are more visibly separated, and text highlights allow for extra quick skimming.

The ABOUT navigation item recently got their own STRATEGY and RESEARCH & FORECASTING sections, so that was all new and fresh and will stay this way for now.

Better navigation

What’s new is the navigation item OUTPUT. Clicked directly, it offers an at-a-glance overview of all the many outputs we produce, including REPORTS, BOOKS, THINGSCON, and also SPECIAL PROJECTS like Zephyr Berlin, Dearsouvenir, and other experiments and spin-offs.

Sub-pages of OUTPUT provide a higher-rez overview of PUBLICATIONS (for books & reports), PROJECTS (for highlight client projects as much as the results are publicly sharable), and SPECIAL PROJECTS (as mentioned before).

MEDIA & SPEAKING are still largely unchanged, just a little cleaned up. They work, and provide the most comprehensive log of my speaking engagements as well as media mentions and contributions.

By the way, I’m keeping the dual BLOG structure of COMPANY blog and PERSONAL blog (mostly the occasion travel log), which exists for purely historical/archival reasons. I simply didn’t want to move it to another server or domain.

Curious what you think. If you see something that looks broken, say something. Thanks!

Twitter plus Flash as a simple CMS


Patrick, one of the awesome flashers here at Panorama3000, has coded this neat flash website for an actor friend of his. Usually I’m not a huge fan of flash sites for all the well-known issues around flash (no direct links, lousy accessibility etc). What I like about this one, though, is its smart implementation of Twitter*: The actor can post news updates directly through Twitter and thus doesn’t have to learn anything about handling a Content Managing System. Twitter’s RSS feed is sucked straight into the flash site. Neat, eh?

  • Today may be a bad time to use this example since Twitter has been down most of the day. It’s a great example though, so please check back later in case it’s not working right now.

Disclosure: I’m sharing office space with Panorama3000.