A new team for UIKonf!


A few weeks ago, my UIKonf partners Chris, Matt & I decided that we wouldn’t have the bandwidth to run & grow the event in 2015. I’m super happy that our blog post about our plans found the exact right response – a new team stepped forward to take over from us. We couldn’t be happier as this team is excellent, knows the event series inside out and just, well, gets it. We’ll all stay around to help out of course as we wouldn’t want to just drop out of the whole thing. It’s too good and too much fun to abandon the event, we just can’t be the leads.

Engin, Maxim & Sabine, you rock! This is going to be great!

More updates as soon, straight from the new team, at uikonf.com

Is there going to be a UIKonf 2015?


portfolio_uikonfBig news regarding UIKonf: We’re looking for a team or company to take it over from us. Crossposting this from the UIKonf blog:

It’s hard to believe that UIKonf happened just a few months ago. Thinking back to it, we’re still thrilled.
However, the summer break is over now and it’s time to look ahead. When we started talking about plans for next year one thing became increasingly obvious: Each of us will have plenty on their plates. So much so, that we don’t think we will find the time to run another full-blown UIKonf in 2015. In order to make it live up to our standards, we all would need to invest more time than we have during the next nine or ten months. (more…)

Next stop, San Francisco


For more or less two weeks straight I’ve been in conference marathon mode. In fact I’m typing this as I’m sitting at the UIKonf registration desk, blissfully catching up on email and admin.

This is what’s going on around me:



There’s another day of UIKonf hackday tomorrow, then on Monday I’ll be off to San Francisco to speak at O’Reilly Solid. This should be really good, I’m looking forward to continuing all the conversations started at ThingsCon there.

Then in June, I’ll be lining up some client work and quite likely another trip to San Francisco.

This has been a very good year indeed, with so many good conversations and connections. My mind is still reeling from all the input at and around ThingsCon, NEXT Berlin and UIKonf, and I expect this to continue at O’Reilly Solid and FooCamp.

At the same time, I’m trying to cut out some time to get another project ready to a soft launch throughout this summer.

These are very exciting days indeed.

If you’re at Solid or want to meet up in San Francisco next week, ping me!

Quick updates: ThingsCon, UIKonf, NEXT Berlin & more


Just briefly some link for you to peruse:

Over at ThingsCon, we have a more or less final program for day 2, an unpolished draft program for day 1, a location for the workshop day (day 1, at Betahaus), and the last few days of early bird tickets. (We extended them to this Friday, 6pm CET.)

For UIKonf, we have a (nearly) final speaker list, a yummy menu draft, excellent coffee, a location for the hackday (betahaus), and also still tickets available.

At NEXT Berlin, ticket sales will go live any day now, and the program is announced step by step.

In other news: Setting up my new company as an umbrella for all my activities is in process, more on that soon. The schedule and speaker list for SolidCon is online and seeing the other speakers I feel humbled to be part of that list.

Updates for February: ThingsCon, UIKonf, NEXT Berlin, new portfolio


Not that I’m about to start writing regular weekly updates again, but here’s a quick snapshot of what’s been going on, what I’ve been up to, and what I’ve been thinking about.


The Call for Proposals has ended and we’ve just notified the submitters. It’s painful to have to reject good proposals, but of course at this scale it’s impossible not to. (We had almost 50 proposals just through the official form, plus countless more on all kinds of other channels.)

Realized all of a sudden just how awesome & comprehensive the whole industry is going to be represented at ThingsCon. As far as I can tell, there will be representatives of Intel, Highway1/PCH, Bosch, BERGCloud, Good Night Lamp, reaDIYmate, Silabs, Fairphone, Phonebloks, Dustcloud, Ultimaker, Xively, Blaze, Provenance, Technology Will Save Us, Product Club, IxDS/Fritzing and many more. It’s going to be quite wild.


The Call for Proposals at UIKonf is still ongoing – it’s a different process altogether. First of all, it’s completely anonymous to foster diversity and give a better chance to lesser known names. It’s closed for submissions now, so we enter the phase where feedback can be given and we’ll start the voting phase next week. Check out all proposals here (all you need to vote & give feedback is a Github account).

NEXT Berlin

We’re getting to the point where a concrete program is emerging out of the mass of proposals and potential speakers.

New portfolio site

Taking a hint from both friends and clients, I am (at last!) preparing a portfolio site of sorts. Basically a quick overview of what I do, to make it easier to share with others and make introductions easier for those introducing me.

I might also transition my business into a new company of sorts, but for now it’s mainly a communications thing.

Part of this is to also make it even easier to recognize how I split my time between client work and self-initiated projects (like ThingsCon, UIKonf and a few as of yet largely announced ones). Scribbles like this one help me structure my thoughts:


Scribble: my process and value chain


So what about that new portfolio site? The draft is live at guildindustries.com:


Screenshot of guildindustries.com


Yes, it’s live, and yes, it’s a draft. If you’re wondering about the name – I wanted to reflect that I tend (and try) to work with external, trusted experts whenever possible. While my skill set is necessarily wide so I can connect the dots and discover the best opportunities for both clients and my own projects/products/services, I find it tremendously helpful and effective to work with experts whose skills go deep rather than wide. Domain experts that truly know their field inside and out, people who don’t just know the field damn well but also advance and shape it. Which is kind of what I associate with a guild in the best, traditional sense of the word.

Since a good deal – and my main motivation – of my work is knowledge transfer (aka Empowering Others To Be Even More Awesome), I find it useful as a metaphor for sharing the insights of these innovators.

What can I say? It’s a work in progress. Things might will change. Once I find it’s ready I’ll probably flip the switch and retire my other site (peterbihr.com) that currently serves the same function.

What do you think?

UIKonf 2014 is ON!


UIKonf logo


A couple of days ago we relaunched the website for UIKonf. All new and shiny now!

So that’s awesome to begin with, but what’s even better is the amazing positive feedback from UIKonf alumni. Who aren’t just the nicest folks out there, but who also trust us enough to put their money where their mouth is by purchasing tickets about seven months in advance. Which is amazing and incredibly helpful for us as a small team running an indie conference.


You guys all rock. Thank you!


So, details on the website. But the at-a-glance basics:

  • Berlin, 14-16 May 2014
  • Two days of conference plus a hackday plus lots of small stuff on the sides
  • Again, we’ll have an anonymous Call for Proposals as well as top food and coffee and some other nice stuff.

Early bird tickets are available now (first come first serve). Get yours now!


As a little thank you, we also have a special deal for alumni. (We only emailed those participants who last year gave us permission to get in touch with. So if you attended UIKonf 2013 and did not receive an email from us about a special alumni deal around Oct 7, please let either one of us know or drop us a line to questions_at_uikonf_dot_com and we’ll hook you up.)

We also weren’t all that happy with the way ticketing worked last time. So this time, it’s an all new setup: Ticketing itself goes through Tito, which is hooked up to Stripe for payments. Both services work like a charm, and particularly the Tito team has been incredibly helpful and responsive during the setup phase. Event organizers, if you use anything else for your ticketing you’re missing out.


So, that’s that. More infos at uikonf.com and on Twitter (@uikonf).

Things I’ve worked on (September 2013 snaphot)


Quite often I’m asked for some examples of what my work consists of, and of some projects I helped get off the ground.

A little while ago, I started collecting some of these things on a single page: Things I’ve worked on.

I tend to update that page pretty infrequently. But here’s a current snapshot since I just did update the page for the first time in quite a while.

It’s a quick overview of some of the bigger or more interesting milestones in my work. In other words, these are some of the things I’m a bit proud of, and that can serve as a glimpse into what kind of stuff I like working on.

If you wonder why there are so many events in there, it’s quite simple: While most of my work used to be for clients and it doesn’t feel right to claim any credit for those, most of these events were more or less direct results of my initiative. Since I tend to explore topics that interest me through the vehicle of events or writing, these projects listed here can give you a glimpse into the topics I’ve been focusing on over time.



Berlin’s first English-language iOS developer conference. Co-organizing this as an independent event with Matt Patterson and Chris Eidhof since 2013 (website)

Makers Make

Makers Make

Making should be easier: Currently an early stage company, Natasha Carolan and I co-founded Makers Make to allow independent product designers more easily to get from idea to market. (website)

The Alpine Review

The Alpine Review

I serve as Editor at Large, Europe, for the print-only, bi-annual magazine The Alpine Review. At The Alpine Review, we “assemble emerging signals, connections and patterns and tie them together with the people, places and things that draw our attention. A compendium of ideas for a world in transition.” In my own words, a mag by our tribe for our tribe.

Ignite Berlin

Ignite Berlin

Ignite is a global event series with an interesting format constraint: For 5 minutes, speakers get to talk about a topic they are passionate about, and their slides automatically forward every 15 seconds. It’s both inspiring and entertaining. I’ve been organizing Ignite Berlin since 2010, first with Matt Biddulph, then with my collaborators Claudia Rauch and Yasmina Haryono. Enlighten us, but make it quick!

NEXT Berlin

NEXT Berlin

I’m the Program Director for NEXT Berlin, one of Europe’s leading (and biggest) web conferences. In previous years I’ve curated several stages at NEXT, too. Disclosure: NEXT are a client of mine.

Report: A Glimpse Into The Future

At Third Wave, I wrote this report on the macro trends shaping the years to come. It’s a little forecasting project based on input of the fantastic Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Dannie Jost, Georgina Voss, Mike Arauz, Sami Niemelä, Stefan Erschwendner and Tamao Funahashi. It is available in full length here: A Glimpse Into The Future

Dossier: The Quantified Self

At Third Wave I co-authored this extensive dossier about the Quantified Self. It was an ongoing series that aimed to both give an introduction into personal analytics and to dive deeper into the implications and relevant issues. Available here: The Quantified Self

Third Wave

Third Wave

In 2010, I co-founded Third Wave with two partners, as part think tank, part digital strategy consultancy. Among many other things, Third Wave published an extensive series on the Quantified Self and a glimpse into the near future, and organized Cognitive Cities Conference. I left in 2012 to pursue other interests.

Cognitive Cities Conference

Cognitive Cities Conference

Cognitive Cities Conference explored the future of connected cities. I organized this independent conference along with my partners at Third Wave and a bunch of friends in 2012 to look at the future of cities & technology, and how both fields interface. We had a number of fantastic speakers ranging from a Sci-Fi author to MIT researchers to data viz folks. We also put together a CoCities Salon in Amsterdam. More about CoCities in my blog.



Twice, in 2010 & 2011, I co-organized TEDxKreuzberg at Betahaus Berlin. Inspiring talks in a cozy setting. Read my blogposts about TEDxKreuzberg here.

Atoms & Bits Festival

Atoms&Bits Festival

Atoms&Bits Festival was a conference and festival to celebrate the maker culture and what we might call the “post-digital” today: An event to explore the intersection of the digital and physical world. Organized in 2009 by a loose group of local technologists and activists (my blogposts here).

Online Election Campaigning (SPD/Jusos 2009)

During the German federal elections 2009, I was the external strategic lead for the SPD (social democrats) youth organization’s online campaign. We focused on giving young voters the tools to engage their communities and spread their messages. Disclosure: This was client work.

Weblogs & Political Journalists

Way back in 2006, I wrote my masters thesis about the role of blogs for the work of political journalists in Germany. (Full text here. Spoiler: At the time, blogs weren’t relevant for political journalists in Germany.) It was part of my MA in Media & Communications at Freie Universität Berlin, and was graded 1,0 (the German equivalent of a straight A). I also co-authored a text book on virtual worlds for UOC Barcelona together with my friends Max Senges and Thomas Praus.