Key theme for 2015: How does connectivity change ________?


2015 is shaping up to be a very interesting year indeed. Based just on the projects already confirmed, I will be digging into a pretty wide range of areas – most of which are defined as vertical + connectivity, or what happens if you connect _________?_ Or framed differently still, How does connectivity change products & manufacturing, cities & governance, cars, interaction design, agriculture?


Status: Contact Form Down


Just a brief note: Over the last few days my contact form has been spammed like never before. I’ll be fixing the contact form shortly. In case you want to get in touch quickly, please feel free to ping me on any of the channels listed under thewavingcat.com/contact or via Twitter (@thewavingcat.com).


Update 17 August: The contact form should be up and working again. However, comments are still buggy. Trying to sort it out as quickly as possible. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Update 18 August: Contact form AND comments seem to be working again. If you still run into any trouble, please let me know!