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New newsletter: What’s happening in the world of responsible tech?


Note: Cross-posting this from the ThingsCon blog.

We know there’s a lot of great work happening around the world that promotes human-centric IoT and responsible, empowering technology. But when we were looking for a good overview we couldn’t find one!

So we decided to try creating that ourselves, in the most simple format we could think of: A monthly newsletter consisting of a list of countries, and the 3 most interesting projects from each countries, curated by a trusted local expert. (All credit for the idea goes to Monique van Dusseldorp. Thanks Monique!)

From time to time, we might be partnering up with other organizations or networks who work along the same lines and co-produce the newsletter—for example GIG, where Max is heavily involved.

Meet “Best of responsible tech around the world”, our new monthly newsletter! (The name is still a bit of a mouthful, so that might still change.)

What exactly is the content going to be, you ask? In terms of format, it’s going to be pretty straight forward: A list of up to three links per country with a 1-sentence explanation for context. In terms of projects featured, we’ll try a you know it when you see it approach und trust our local experts to pick the most interesting. It’s going to be human curation at its best!

We’d do this with a new newsletter list, published under the ThingsCon label, with full credit given to the local experts and published under Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA), so everyone can use and share that content non-commercially).

We aim to send this out once a month. It’s an experiment for us: if there’s enough demand, we’ll keep it up, otherwise we’ll retire the list, no harm done!

Ad-Activism: Support something good by clicking those social ads


Lately I’ve been approached by a folks who were interested in advertising on this blog. Although the blogger in me was flattered, I wasn’t so sure I even wanted any ads here. (I have Google Ads in the individual posts, but nowhere else, and that’s more for experiments and experience than for revenue.)

So I talked it over with a few friends, and that’s where the really good ideas come from. Sven (thanks!) proposed that if there should be any ads, then why not do it for a good, or interesting, cause?

The new plan is this: I’ll reserve some ad space on the front page of this blog. (Advertisers, feel free to contact me about this.) I won’t keep any of the revenue, but instead I will donate it to a worthy cause.

Let’s start right here. Click the ad to donate a few cents to a good cause:

About once a month (a week? We’ll see.) I’ll set another recipient. Suggestions are highly welcome. We could also think about a readers’ vote. Let me know what you guys prefer. Spontaneously, I’d say it should be either a classic good cause (think charity), or some kind of project that’s worth supporting (creative, artsy, or anything else). The first round will go to something education-related, details to be announced.

Let’s be clear here: It won’t be a lot of money. But hey, just click the ads a few more time, and your eyeballs will support something cool. (If it turns out to be a non-clicker in the below $1 range it doesn’t seem to be worth the effort. So click away!) I’d click myself, but I think that’d be a breach of contract. So I’ll click your social ads once you have them online.


Update: The first day, you clicked for $4.10. Let’s see if we can get some more by just a few more clicks. (Each click is pretty valuable here.) By the end of the month, donations will go to… Right now I’m thinking an organization fighting for free speech (Electronic Frontier Foundation? Reporters Without Borders?) or battling the digital divide. What do you think? Please share your proposals in the comments. (And thanks a lot for your click!)