Launched: www.IWorkForTheInternets.com


I’ve mentioned it before: I work for the Internets. Together with two co-conspirators, we also set up an on demand print store. More importantly, though, I just got the website to go with the shirt: www.iworkfortheinternets.

Admittedly, it’s all still very much under development – so far I’ve just taken the stylesheets from my other domain peterbihr.com – but there you go. Also, the shirt shop on Spreadshirt isn’t designed at all yet, and we might have to find a solution with cheaper shipping outside Germany.

Feedback is highly welcome, of course. For the time being, there’s a few photos (with very mixed picture quality) of what the shirts look like on www.iworkfortheinternets.com.

I Work For The Internets: The shirt arrived


A few days ago MT and I shirt up on Spreadshirt that reads “I work for teh internets“. (Not to be confused with The Google that George W. Bush uses.) We’ve set them up for print-on-demand, and mine just arrived a few days ago. Gotta say, the black-on-black print is pretty kick ass.

I work for teh Internets (black on black) (Click here to get one.)

A few photos will follow soon. You’ll find a photo below.

Full disclosure: Since we put up the Spreadshirt store, we earn a few bucks with every order.

Update: Here’s a photo of the shirt. Apologies for the poor snapshot quality, but you get the idea. My impression after having the shirt for a few weeks: The print looks fine, it’s kind of fluffy. It does look like it is going to wash out to some degree, though, so I expect the letters to lose some color. Anyway, here goes the photo:

I work for the Internets

I work for teh Internets


During the last couple of days, particularly at next08, I’ve had a few very funny discussions about the nature of our jobs, and how you can’t explain any of our internet-related jobs to our parents or non-web friends. (Yes, there are some of those out there!)

As M.T. pointed out, one way to go is to simply state the obvious: I work for the Internets.

Since nobody likes repeating themselves, some of us decided to print corresponding shirts. So I quickly threw them together via Spreadshirt:

I work for the Internets (white on black) (Click here to get one.)

My favorite is the slightly more subtle version, black on black. So if you’re hard core geeky, go for this special version “I work for teh Internets”.

I work for teh Internets (black on black) (Click here to get one.)

There are some more flavors (including a girls version) in the shirt shop. (This is the first time I’m trying to print through Spreadshirt, so please bear with me if the implementation isn’t perfect. Usually, my keingeschenk.de friends and I print our shirts in larger volumes in a Berlin/Kreuzberg print store and distribute them through Shopwindoz. Maybe we’ll do that with this shirt, too, but for the time being, this is it.)

The shirts are all American Apparell. They’re printed on demand, so I haven’t had a chance to see one myself. I just ordered one, will let you know how it turned out. Oh, don’t be surprised about the odd price – it’s set so that shipping costs by Spreadshirt are at a minimum.

Update: The shirt arrived, and in it’s black-on-black print it looks pretty kick ass.