ThingsCon Salon Berlin (March 2017) is a wrap!


Note: This is cross-posted from the ThingsCon blog.

We just held the first of our freshly started series of ThingsCon Salons Berlin.

You can find all recorded talks in the Youtube playlist ThingsCon Salon Berlin (March 2017) as well as embedded below.

Our speakers for the salon were the amazing trip of Jon Rogers (Mozilla Open IoT Studio / University of Dundee), Rachel Rayns (creative technologist, crafts expert, #vanlife aficionado), and Davide Gomba (Casa Jasmina). A big thank you for contributing to this Salon. Also a big thank you to Babitha George of the Indian design research studio Quicksand who would have been speaking had her visa not being revoked in the last second due to a hotel booking miscommunication. We missed you and hope we can invite you over soon!


CoCities Salon Amsterdam: Thanks!


De Verdiepening #cocities The Verdieping, Amsterdam

So last night we had our first Cognitive Cities Salon – in Amsterdam. What a great time I had! A big thank you to our kind host Juha van ‘t Zelfde (non-fiction), who did all the heavy lifting, and to our fantastic speakers:

James Burke, Co-founder of VURB Katalin Galayas, Policy Advisor to the City of Amsterdam Kars Alfrink, ‘Chief Agent’ of Hubbub Edwin Gardner, VOLUME Magazine

Kars at #CoCities Kars Alfrink, Hubbub