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Just recently I’ve made a few changes to this blog’s design, but somehow wasn’t happy with the way it ended up. So again, I’m tweaking a little. For the next few days, the whole site is very likely to look somewhat deranged. My apologies for any inconveniences – once it’s done, it’ll be more fun.

Less bad product designs with redesignme.org


Redesignme (Flash, HTML) is a good implementation of a simple, but powerful idea: Users submit really bad product designs, then propose what could be done better and how.

That’s it.

But that’s pretty cool, too. After all, it’s the users who know about the bad usability and all the problems. It’s a pain to use? Chances are the users know better than the company. And not even the best-designed products are perfect.

Example? You don’t have to look at this horrible remote control for an unnecessary annoyance. Even the good ol’ iPod isn’t perfect.

Strangely enough, the Redesignme website doesn’t look all that great itself, but hey, maybe I’ll just submit a redesign. Or maybe you will?

(via kosmar)