Monthnotes for June 2015


For quite a while I haven’t managed to write regular #weeknotes. However, I do like writing regular updates and they tend to turn out to be quite useful as a reference. Well, turns out that a lot happens in one month, so here’s part 1 of this month’s notes.

June, so far, has been all about #iot in its various forms (connectivity in cities, in farms, in homes…), and it has seen a surge in conference-ish stuff – if such a thing is even possible compared to months of ThingsCon-related work. Also, I’ve spent most of the month on the road, mostly in Portland and – as of now – San Francisco, where I am to attend SolidCon and catch up with a bunch of folks. So lots of interesting conversations throughout the month.


In Portland for a few weeks


Every now and then, time permitting, I like to head to a different place to hang out, meet people, work remotely for a bit. It helps clear my head, change perspectives and get some fresh input. In the past, this brought me to places like New York City, Buenos Aires, San Francisco.

This time around, I’ve set up my temporary home base for a few weeks in Portland, Oregon. I’ve been hearing so many good things for years, I figured it’s time to check it out in person and spend some time, meet the locals, and visit friends.

Luckily, M could also join in, so we’re both in an Airbnb in NE Portland, exploring the city. The mornings are filled with calls and work on European time, which means the afternoons are likely to be flexible or even occasionally free – especially since jetlag has so far driven me out of bed so early that I got to start work around 5am local time and by the time I take a breakfast break my to do list has already been diminished considerably.

So long story short, I’m in Portland for a while, and if you are, too, why don’t you say hi so we can try to meet up for coffee? I’m curious to learn more about the local tech & UX community, and of course about the city itself.

Say hi!