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flying fish


Get Well Soon






pink army


Montmartre sky










After a long time with no #10photos, it’s time for another round, featuring a weekend in Paris, some Berlin and a concert.


1. flying fish kites at Tempelhofer Feld 2. The fantastic Get Well Soon 3. Exterminator shop window, Paris 4. Electric cars charging on the Île de la Cité 5. The Pink Army 6. Montmartre 7. taking a break in paris 8.-10. Louvre: the Nintendo DS as an audio guide, the biggest frame in the louvre and a statue

LeWeb 08: Liveblogging Day 2


Over at Berlinblase.de, we’ll be liveblogging LeWeb again. Please allow me to cross-post.

Good morning LeWeb! Those of you who haven’t made it to the MySpace party last night: Welcome back. For the rest of you, here’s the liveblog so you can follow the events from your desk, or your bed. So what’s planned for today? Marc Canter will be moderating a panel on Platform Love, Robin Good will be speaking about the Love of Education, and Chris Anderson will be talking, too. Then it’s John Buckman (Magnatune), Dr. Brian Cox (Unicersity of Manchester), Maurice LEvy (Publicis), Marrisa Mayer (VP of Google) and Michael Arrington. Joi Ito of Creative Commons fame will also spread the love, before it’s even lunch time. Plenty to see, plenty to hear! For some neat eye candy, go to Berlinblase.de/live where you’ll find the official video livestream on one side and our liveblog on the other.

Am in Paris, will blog: Meet Berlinblase at LeWeb 08


By now I’ve arrived in Berlin and managed to meet up with the Berlinblase crew. After dinner, we’ve managed to find wireless to catch up on some email and get prepared for tomorrow. We’ll be blogging, twittering and also recording interviews at LeWeb.

On Berlinblase, you’ll find the Berlinblase Link Guide to LeWeb Paris, an all-you-need list of links, hashtags and what not. There’s even a neat Google map:

Google Map of LeWeb Paris

So for our coverage, check out Berlinblase.de.