Room mate wanted: Join us at our new office!


We have a spare desk at our lovely space at Aufbauhaus, where we (the loosely organized KANT Berlin crew) are shareing an office space with the good folks of Syspons.

Sign pointing to Aufbauhaus from the subway

We’re looking for a sociable person to share the space with, who doesn’t mind committing for a bit of time. Preferably someone with similar interests and maybe even complimentary skills: We’re one software developer (Will), one game designer (Alper) and one consultant/conference organizer (Peter), so we’re all working in tech, more or less, on the fringe to other industries.


New office at Aufbauhaus84


As of a this month, my new HQ is at Aufbauhaus at Moritzplatz (Berlin Kreuzberg).

Aufbauhaus at Moritzplatz. Easy to find even straight from the subway station.

Not only is the building complex one with a rich, interesting history and a great concept (summary in English). The wing we (we as in Alper, Will and I) move into is also sparkling new and so our own space is up to speed on its architecture and functionalities: ceiling and floor heating and cooling, energy efficient LED lamps all ’round, phone cabins, meeting rooms, etc. In other words, a bit less of a temporary space, but rather something to use for a few years. We’ll be sharing with our friends Syspons, a consultancy for organizational change, strategy and evaluations.

Office under construction


Updates: KANT Berlin


KANT Berlin logo As you might have noticed on Twitter, for the last half year or so I’ve been renting an office with Matt, and one by one, we’ve gathered a pretty awesome crew of collaborators to join us: Alper, Chris and Martin.

We’re not just buddies randomly sharing an office (even though we are, of course, friends), but rather we tried to gather a group with diverse, complimentary skills and interests so we could collaborate on projects.

Needing a Foursquare location to check into when being in the office, and following some heavy punning, the place is called KANT now – shorthand for tongue-in-cheek Kreuzberg Academy for Nerdery and Tinkering.

And KANT is evolving nicely as a breeding ground for collaborations, for shared exploration of ideas, for proto-typing, and of course as a lab and space to bounce ideas off of each other, too.

So step by step, KANT is evolving. We now have a website (including pages for team and offerings to learn more), as well as regular weeknotes to stay on top of what we’re working on.

And just like we hoped, the collaboration-by-proximity is working out nicely! UIKonf and UIKode are two projects that emerged directly out of KANT, but there’s also lots in the corporate-proverbial pipeline as well as lots of Raspberry Pi and print tinkering, some topic sprints in the planning, and further kick-ass events to be held.

So yeah, this is good. Swing by if you’re in the neighborhood!

New old office with new old roommate


New Office

I’m posting this from a new office. And I love the feeling of a brand new office, when there’s nothing set up but a few desks and chairs (in this case, just temporary fillers while we’re waiting for the real stuff to be delivered), laptop and some post-its with lists of stuff to still organize. To me this short moment has something almost magical – not least because it’s fleeting by definition. After all, a few minutes later you gotta get to work!

So, basics first: Yes, still Berlin. In fact, still in Kreuzberg, and just a few blocks from where I worked before. I love this neighborhood, and was psyched when this opportunity came up.

It’s a new office, but it’s also a bit of a home coming for me in several ways. One, once again I’m subletting from my friends Panorama3000. A few years ago I shared an office with them already, back in 2008/09 or so, and we worked on a bunch of projects together back then. That was in a former P3000 office, though, up in Prenzlauer Berg. It’s a whole different world now: Back then, we heated with coal ovens – old school East Berlin!

I’m also sharing with an old new room mate – Matt Patterson, who I had invited to work from the Third Wave HQ before when he first moved to Berlin, and who joins me here in this new place.

For a few months I had been doing the laptop worker thing, working from a mix of cafés, home and friends’ offices, but also a lot while on the road as I had a crazy travel schedule. That was brilliant for the time being, but now it truly feels good to set up a new HQ. If you’re around, swing by and say hi. There’s coffee, too.

New HQ at Panorama3000 / Berlin


Panorama3000 I’ve moved my office to a new place. From now on, the great folks over at Panorama3000 are giving me shelter in the form of our neat sublet office space. Sharing our little coworking-like arrangement is freelance illustrator Matthias Pflügner, and the occasional guest freelancer or PhD candidate.

I’m excited to be here – the atmosphere is great, as is the espresso. This should be fun.

Thanks to P3000 for welcoming us so warmly to their home!