Social Network Use By Country


Le Monde: A Chaque Continent Ses Preferences (Click the image or this text to jump to the original map.)

French newspaper Le Monde has this great chart showing which region prefers which social network. (Funny: Friendster is even bigger in Asia-Pacific than I thought, and Germany doesn’t seem to have any social network preference. I guess StudiVZ should be listed here, no matter how cheap a Facebook clone it is?)

Study: Real vs Fantasized Identity on Social Networking Sites


FaberNovel Consulting has just published a study on best practices from social networking sites.

The whole study contains a great overview over what’s important if you analyze social networking sites. Two aspects stood out for me, though:

First, the authors pointed out four dimensions to help distinguish social networks:

FaberNovel: 4 Dimensions of Social Networks

Second, the study also covers the way, identity is constructed in social networks, and how different networks foster cater to different needs in this area. For instance, MySpace rather aims at exposing yourself and your fantasized identity, while Facebook serves more to expand your social network around your real identity:

FaberNovel: Real vs Fantasized Identity in Social Networks

It’s a great take and I highly recommend you scan this study. The whole presentation is also available in slide show format:

(via Read/WriteWeb)