Light Bike in Berlin


blitzTag + Light Rider premiere from Jesse Scott on Vimeo.

Awesome lightbike is awesome!

On June 17th, as part of 48 Hours Neukölln, Graffiti Research Lab Germany launched ‘Light Rider’, our mobile a/v bike system, alongside ‘blitzTag’, our new digital graffiti projection suite. We will be doing more guerilla projections throughout the summer – please check our blog at graffitiresearchlab.de for more details. Writers – get in touch! We are also undergoing a crowd-funding campaign in order to purchase a permanent 5K beamer for the Light Rider. Please consider supporting at startnext.de/?light-rider Thanks to [Aktion! Karl-Marx Strasse], the Berlin chapter of the Awesome Foundation, Open Design City, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenurg, Licht Piraten, and Chicanos South Central. Video shot by Henrik Moltke. Music by The Streets. More details on the projects at graffitiresearchlab.de/?blitztag graffitiresearchlab.de/?light-rider

It’s great to see this come out of Berlin, and (in some very, very small way) be part of it. Rock on, guys!