You donated $9.55 to EFF through my ads (thanks!)


A little while back, I proposed to run social ads on blogs and to donate the revenue. This, it seemed, would be the easiest way to raise some funds and to donate money, paying with your attention. Eyeballs for money, the usual model for ads, applied in a social way. Here’s the ad I put on my blog. Every time someone clicked the ad, some money came in through Google Adsense:

Of course the deal is still on: Click the ad, I’ll donate for a good cause.

Not too many people clicked, but those of you who did raised $9.55. Not huge, but not so bad for just a few clicks, eh?

EFF.orgSo this time, a round $10 will go went to the Electronic Frontier Foundation to help protect bloggers rights and our privacy. The money raised in August will go to Stiftung Bridge (“Bridge Foundation”), a German non-profit that fights for digital rights by supporting small projects.

Thanks a lot, all of you. And please consider doing the same thing.

I heart Miro: How to Build Passive Support for Your Good Cause


I Heart Miro

I Heart Miro is a simple Firefox extension to support the open-source internet TV project Miro (formerly known as Democracy Player). When you buy books at Amazon, you do it through the Miro Firefox extension, and Miro gets paid for every sale through the Amazon affiliate program.

I Heart Miro is a simple, yet great example of getting passive support for a good cause. And with passive, I mean that your supporters won’t have to take any active steps or have to actively donate money, but you still get financial support. Now this takes win/win to a whole new level, no?

I just installed the Firefox extension, and if you’re into creative internet TV, you should get it, too.