Super endorsements: Comic characters for Obama


Somewhat odd, but here you go: Comic character Savage Dragon endorses Obama, or so says the New York TimesThe Moment blog:

The celebrity endorsements have begun! Savage Dragon, a superhero and police officer whose adventures are published by Image Comics, is throwing his hat in the ring for Barack Obama. The news is blared across the cover of issue No. 137, with the green-skinned hero dressed up for the occasion in a black jacket, crisp white shirt and striped red tie.

Savage Dragon endorses Obama, img courtesy NYTimes / Copyright Erik Larsen Image: Copyright Erik Larsen

Do you know examples of other comic characters endorsing presidential candidates? Please share in the comments…

Please note: While I’m writing this, the Image Comics website website seems to be down and on the Savage Dragon site I couldn’t find a hint to any of this; however, I have no reason not to trust the NYTimes on this one.

Local Girl’s Doodles: More Fun Than Text Posts


What really made my day (except for it also being Xmas and all, that is), is Local Girl’s Day in Pictures, as recommended by boingboing.

Caroline Clifford‘s take on blogging is to draw doodles instead of the usual text or video posts, creating a really compelling (and very fun) blog style. Great stuff, and also a great cure for the xmas insanity. (Thanks a lot Caroline!)

Local Girl’s Day in Pictures