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Light Bike in Berlin


blitzTag + Light Rider premiere from Jesse Scott on Vimeo.

Awesome lightbike is awesome!

On June 17th, as part of 48 Hours Neukölln, Graffiti Research Lab Germany launched ‘Light Rider’, our mobile a/v bike system, alongside ‘blitzTag’, our new digital graffiti projection suite. We will be doing more guerilla projections throughout the summer – please check our blog at graffitiresearchlab.de for more details. Writers – get in touch! We are also undergoing a crowd-funding campaign in order to purchase a permanent 5K beamer for the Light Rider. Please consider supporting at startnext.de/?light-rider Thanks to [Aktion! Karl-Marx Strasse], the Berlin chapter of the Awesome Foundation, Open Design City, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenurg, Licht Piraten, and Chicanos South Central. Video shot by Henrik Moltke. Music by The Streets. More details on the projects at graffitiresearchlab.de/?blitztag graffitiresearchlab.de/?light-rider

It’s great to see this come out of Berlin, and (in some very, very small way) be part of it. Rock on, guys!

First Awesome Foundation Berlin Grant


Konrad with Awesome folks

We’re building a hill for snow rides! Well, not we, but rather Konrad, seen above with a hat and one hand of the magic brown bag that holds the first grant that the Awesome Foundation Berlin just gave out in a short, but sweet ceremony this morning at Betahaus.

Konrad’s plan is still rough, but seems doable, and certainly inspired our imagination. Who doesn’t want to have a great hill for a good sledge ride?

As snow sets now we need a prepared hill somewhere easy reachable to do the wild rides on a sled, sledge, whatever you call it: Wilde Schlittenfahrt! I want to prepare a hill not far from the next S-bahnstation with a tractor and large drum so it has a hard ground to slide on it. Also if possible I would like to pay a little money to someone from the neighborhood to maintain the hill during days when there is not so much visitors. Promotion for the slide would be trough word of mouth and facebook. We did large public ice-skating events in the last cold winter where we invited people on lakes we tested before and provided drinks and food there. We will do this again but felt the need of a good slide as Berlin and Brandenburg is not very hilly!

Hopefully the kids in Berlin get a chance to have a decent sledge ride as well in this otherwise fairly flat city. We certainly can’t wait to take a ride ourselves.

Thanks for all the inspiring submissions. Please keep them coming, and feel free to submit again.

We’ll give out the next grant in March 2011 – so you can apply here until the end of February 2011!

Photo by Henrik Moltke (CC by)

Brief updates & announcements (too much going on)


space invaders - under attack

There’s so much going on at the moment that I’d love to write about at length, and so little time. So here’s the super-brief version, aka bullet points.

  • Was at Picnic 2010. Picnic is one of those conferences that I wanted to attend for a long time, and just had the chance. On super short notice I went to Amsterdam and covered the conference for berlinblase.de, if only via Twitter. I had a great day there (or two half-days, rather). Hope to be back next year to cover it more extensively.
  • The program for Drumbeat Festival (3-5 November, Barcelona) is snapping into focus. Drumbeat is Mozilla’s recent open web initiative, the festival in Barcelona will focus on the intersection of open web and education, so it should be cool. Make sure to say hi if you’re around.
  • We’re bringing the Awesome Foundation to Berlin. More updates soon!
  • We announced our company name,Third Wave Berlin, and it took hardly a couple of days till someone (not doing his homework and not warranting a link) invoked Godwin. Was impressed by the accuracy of Godwin’s Law. Also, amused. And since haters gonna hate and playas gonna play, we’ll have a cup of great coffee and focus on a great start by officially kicking off Monday in a week.
  • Free Culture Research Conference 2010 is going to happen 8-9 October in Berlin. I’m not involved here, but if you have any academic interest in free culture, you might want to attend the conference or talk to Michelle.
  • If you know of great apartments in Berlin, preferably in Kreuzberg or around so-called Kreuzkölln, please let me know. Right now a whole bunch of friends is about to move to Berlin and any hints are much appreciated. Thanks!

Hope to blog more detailed again soon; for now I wish you a relaxed Sunday and a great start into the week. Or like David recently said: “It’s Monday. Let’s change the world.”

Image by gnackgnackgnack (Some Rights Reserved)