Launching Dearsouvenir, a digital travel magazine


dearsouvenir cover

The biggest news for me this month: We launched a magazine.

Dearsouvenir has officially launched So happy about this! The magazine explores travel through the stories behind souvenirs. I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out, too.

Issue one clocks in at more than 280 pages of travel & souvenir goodness and explores three destinations: Berlin, Mexico City and the Italian region Veneto.

Did I mention that there are two full language versions, one in English and one German – and that it’s free? You’re welcome. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

A big thank you to all collaborators and contributors. Especially Wolfgang, with whom every project is pure joy, the most excellent and energetic Carry-On crew around Theresa, Antonia and Alex, as well as Will for his massive help building the iOS app and his incredible patience with me.

Dearsouvenir is a project Wolfgang and I have been working on – on and off – for years, and it’s gone through a lot of iterations before we got to where it is today: A tablet-first magazine combined with an iOS app that lets you find souvenirs near you.

What are you waiting for? Download the magazine from Google Play (EN / DE) or the Apple app store (search for Dearsouvenir Magazine). If you’re on iOS, I highly recommend also picking up the complementary “to go” iOS Dearsouvenir app to discover the best souvenirs in our launch destinations Berlin, Mexico City and Veneto.

iTunes in the Cloud: TheCloudPlayer.com


From the phantastic guys of Soundcloud (Henrik Berggren and Eric Wahlforss comes a new neat little gadget: The Cloud Player.

TheCloudPlayer.com Screenshot of TheCloudPlayer.com

The Cloud Player is a completely web-based audio tool, looking kind of like iTunes and with its basic features like smart playlists and shared playlists. The twist: It plays all the music created by the ever-growing community of SoundCloud. They built it as a little side-project over the last few weeks and just released it over the weekend. (Henrik kindly gave me a preview last week at Likemind.) And what can I say? I don’t know when these guys ever get some sleep in between running an up-and-coming startup, DJing, finishing a university degree and what not. But: It’s awesome.