As a boutique strategy, research & foresight company we help guide our clients’ strategies regarding business, product, and research. With a focus on #IoT, emerging tech & innovation, we help organizations excel in an environment shaped by connectedness, uncertainty and rapid change with digital strategy and digital transformation.

We bring in the knowledge and insights of years of experience and a global network of experts, and we’re not afraid to ask tough questions to fully grasp the context of your work.

To give you a better feeling for the type of projects we do, some recent examples:

  • We’ve provided a foundation with research and strategic advice regarding potentials & challenges of a trustmark for IoT.
  • We’ve researched smart cities for the German government, and developed policy recommendations to ensure that smart cities work as well for citizens as they do for the administration.
  • We’ve helped shape the R&D and product roadmap for automotive and electronics companies.
  • We’ve helped global tech companies shape their IoT policy.

And we’ve provided lots and lots of research and strategic advice to clients across all industries. The range includes strategy, research, innovation, and we frequently touch business strategy, product, policy—often in combination. Our areas of interest include

  • Internet of Things (IoT) & connected products/services
  • Connected homes, smart cities & connected mobility
  • Responsible IoT and empowering technology
  • Implications of IoT, artificial intelligence, a networked public sphere
  • Digital transformation & open innovation practices

We help you navigate uncharted waters, identify opportunities for growth or new markets, reduce risks, and innovative. Think of it as future proofing.

Let’s discuss how we can help you.