Big picture

For the best possible outcomes of working together, it helps to know the context of how I work. I run The Waving Cat GmbH full time. It is as the organizational backend for the various things I work on.

Within this framework I split my time between client work & self-initiated projects (like ThingsCon). Here’s an overview of outputs, and a selection of projects from the last 3 years. As a rule of thumb, self-initiated projects are always in collaboration with partners. I can only accept only a small number of client engagements at a time, and only if they make sense within this test.

Areas of client engagements I’m particularly interested in: Strategy, R&D and policy around emerging technologies, Internet of Things (IoT). Responsible and empowering implementations of connected homes, smart cities, connected products & services. As a rule of thumb: The earlier in the process the more interesting it is to me and, more importantly, the more value I can add.

In 2017 I aim to be extra mindful on how I spend my time: I had been spread a little thin over many projects for a while. This means I’ll be saying no to most projects in order to fully focus on the projects that I do take on. If I say no, please don’t take it personal – it’s not.

Current projects

Strategy, research, policy, consulting (aka client engagements)

As a boutique strategy, research & foresight company we help guide our clients’ business, product, and research strategies.

  • Mozilla: Research on the potential and challenges of consumer trustmarks for IoT. (Full disclosure, my partner works for Mozilla.)
  • Creative Technology Fund: View Source, a series of articles exploring the IoT ecosystem in Shenzhen, how to interface with it, and what independent European IoT practitioners can contribute in this context to promote the creation of a responsible IoT.


  • ThingsCon: A global community of practitioners (and event platform) that fosters the creation of a human-centric & responsible IoT. Co-founded this an annual conference in 2014, and it has grown into a distributed phenomenon with 20+ events annually.
  • Ignite Berlin: Enlighten us, but make it quick is the motto of Ignite, an evening of lightning talks about passion projects.


Upcoming talks, workshops, and appearances.


In addition to our blog and the pieces listed below, a report on opportunities for IoT trustmarks/consumer labeling. All should be available this summer.

Recent long-form publications:

  • View Source: Shenzhen, an exploration of the Shenzhen hardware ecosystem & importance of creating a responsible IoT. It’s also the written documentation of a series of research trips to China.
  • The State of Responsible IoT, this ThingsCon report is a collection of essays by experts from the inter-disciplinary ThingsCon community of IoT practitioners. It explores the challenges, opportunities and questions surrounding the creation of a responsible & human-centric Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Understanding the Connected Home, an ebook about what it might mean to live in tomorrow’s connected home. Co-authored with Michelle Thorne.


  • Zephyr Berlin: Pants that travel well & are built to last. Made locally in Berlin for fair wages with Swiss performance fabric. In collaboration with Michelle Thorne and Cecilia Palmer, this is an experiment in physical product delivery.
  • Dearsouvenir magazine is a travel & lifestyle magazine that explores destinations through the stories behind beautiful, meaningful, locally made souvenirs.

Various client engagements ongoing (see footer for details).


Pretty busy this month and next, but some with availability starting in August, after the summer break. Let’s have a chat!

Last updated: 6 July 2017.