Our work is split between client engagements and self-initiated projects which are sometimes commercial, sometimes of an exploratory nature.

If you’d like to explore working together, please get in touch.

A selection of projects from the last few years:


  • Worked with a range of foundations and think tanks and other non-for-profit organizations, exploring things like smart city policy, a European digital agenda, and the AI & Society ecosystem.
  • Co-chaired the annual ThingsCon conference.
  • Co-published The State of Responsible IoT, a ThingsCon essay collection.
  • Was an Edgeryders Fellow, exploring citizen-centric smart city policy
  • Taught a class on Trustable Technology at Hochschule Darmstadt.
  • Was on the jury for Prototype Fund.
  • Started as an industry supervisor at the OpenDoTT PhD program around responsible technology.
  • Did quite a bit of public speaking, and wrote and got quoted/interviewed a fair bit.



  • Researched and explored the potentials of a consumer trustmark for IoT for Mozilla.
  • Wrote an ebook about the Shenzhen hardware and IoT ecosystem (View Source: Shenzhen)
  • Co-published The State of Responsible IoT, a ThingsCon essay collection.
  • Participated in #iotmark, an international community-led effort to build a certification mark for IoT, initiated by Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino & Usman Haque.
  • Gave talks or help workshops at numerous conferences incl. ThingsCon Shenzhen, Das ist Netzpolitik, DevOpsCon and Transatlantic Digital Debates.


  • Co-chaired Interaction 16, IxDA’s annual global interaction design conference, with Sami Niemelä.
  • Wrote an ebook exploring living in tomorrow’s connected home (Understanding the Connected Home), with Michelle Thorne.
  • Started scaling ThingsCon from a single conference to an event platform and global community of professional IoT practitioners.
  • Worked with Google’s Mountain View public policy team on a number of emerging tech related questions & projects.
  • Co-authored a research report & policy recommendations for the German government about citizen-centric smart cities (“Digitalisierung und die Smart City — Ressource und Barriere transformativer Urbanisierung“). With Prof. Dr. Christoph Bieber. (2016)
  • Curated Bosch’s first internet of things developer event in Berlin, with Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino.
  • Launched Zephyr Berlin, a fashion brand built around highly versatile performance fashion, with a successful Kickstarter.
  • Collaborated with Designswarm to produce a global analysis of the smart city landscape for Nominet R&D.
  • Served as jury member for Prototype Fund.
  • As an external reviewer, evaluated applicants for ODINE, the Open Data Incubator Network Europe.
  • Exhibited at the V&A for London Design Festival, and spoke or ran workshops at numerous conferences incl. Mozilla Festival, Retune Festival, ThingsCon Amsterdam.


  • Co-founded ThingsCon, a conference exploring responsible IoT practices.
  • Co-curated NEXT Conference with Monique van Dusseldorp.
  • Started The Good Home, an events-driven collaborative exploration of the future of home living, with Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino.
  • Co-founded Dearsouvenir, a digital travel magazine that explores destinations through the stories behind souvenirs.
  • Advised an automotive client on product and R&D strategy around connected mobility.